International Courses

The Institute provides bespoke programmes for overseas universities, often as part of a postgraduate degree course (MBA, MSc). The duration of a course varies between one and three weeks and usually begins in Cambridge. The majority of courses are in business and real estate and often includes studies in more than one European country. Past  courses have included visits to Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, The Netherlands and Poland, as well as some 16 cities within the UK.As well as working with Universities, the Institute also provides training programmes for other Institutions and overseas governments. These programmes are created following close collaboration with the overseas partner to ensure the course follows all the requirements for the client.

The Institute has a strong reputation for the excellence of the content of its courses and the attention to detail in arrangements for study tours. Guest contributors are drawn from leading international experts in the UK and elsewhere. A strong feature of all Institute programmes is their immediate relevance to the contemporary business world and current practice.

In recent years, the Institute has collaborated in joint courses with universities and other organisations in Austria and The Netherlands, the USA, Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea and the Far East, and is keen to forge further international links. Overseas client organisations include five US universities, four Asian universities and government departments in P.R.China and in Malaysia. We also  engage in collaborative courses that take place wholly outside the UK – in Europe and in the Far East.