Professional Training

Cambridge International Land Institute offers post-graduate level adaptation courses for those seeking membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Cambridge International Land Institute adds value to professional and business people by enabling them to:

  • Enhance their analytical approach to property management and investment in collaborative and interactive learning environments.
  • Identify key issues affecting economic and environmental contexts for property decisions.
  • Develop knowledge and skills through expert, interactive learning approaches and e-learning applications.
  • Join and participate in international and national networks and collaborative working environments.

CILI offers International Short Courses for groups from around the globe, visiting Europe or learning remotely with the Institute, usually as part of credit-bearing programmes in universities and business schools.

In House Training

In response to specific demands, CILI offers a variety of other short courses and learning opportunities. CILI also offers an ‘out-reach’ programme for courses to be delivered in collaboration with local organisations.

A number of organisations choose to incorporate CILI programmes and expertise into their own staff training strategies. In-house training is a practical way to train staff teams and CILI offers this service as an alternative to attendance on our regular training programmes. Apart from the direct benefits, this is an effective way of demonstrating to clients and interested parties your commitment to staff training and development.

These courses can be delivered at your own premises or as a private course away from your worksite. Alternatively you can host a course – ideal if you have a smaller number of attendees from your company – which can be conducted on your premises but open to other companies. For providing the classroom facilities, your own staff receive a discount and have the benefit of not having to travel or spend nights away.

In tailoring training programmes to fit specific needs, CILI work with members of your team to create a programme that meets your needs and maximises the added value to your team.

Bespoke courses are priced according to whether the course replicates current modules we offer on the open market or is tailor-made for your company. Price also depends on duration; number of instructors needed; and facilities provided.